About Us

Sippin Snax Origin


Oh, and did we mention WINE? Cocktails? We love those, too!

Years ago, we discovered some roasted and salted peanuts at a local dive bar that brought us back from the brink of “Too-Tipsyville” kept us going long and late into the evening! Later, we wanted more of these simple but delicious peanuts and couldn't find them. We ordered from several different sources online and waited with great anticipation only to be disappointed every time.

Well, all that did was make us mad and more determined. We decided to make our own... The idea of creating the very best, most delicious, unique was born!

But, always pushing... What would it taste like if we seasoned the peanuts to PAIR with our favorite SIPS? IPA’s. Porters, Reds and whites. Every beer and wine style was part of the experiment.

With nodding approvals from area brewers and vintners, we hit the market in 2017 with HOPS AND NUTS Craft Beer and Wine Snacks, providing Tap and Tasting Room Snacks to hungry Craft Beer and Wine lovers in breweries and wineries from North Carolina to California and all delicious places in between.

Then came COVID and all those breweries and wineries were shuttered, crippled and the Tap and Tasting Room experience was a shell of itself.

Pivot time.... With proof and concept and a lot of trial and error, we believed our artisan snacks were ready for grocery and beyond with the launch of SIPPIN SNAX Gourmet Bar Snacks. And now you can find us in Lowe's foods, Total Wine and More, Publix, Food Lion and Harris Teeter!

SIPPIN SNAX founder, Melissa Wallace